About reflexology
Reflexology is a holistic and non-invasive bodywork approach that encourages the release of accumulated stress and stimulates the body’s innate healing response.

During a reflexology session manual pressure is applied to points located on the feet/hands/ears that correspond to all parts and systems of the body. By doing so accumulated stress levels as well as habitual patterns of stress are addressed. Release of tension enables the body to return to a state of equilibrium, enabling it to do its job more effectively and more efficiently.

As balance is restored, physiological changes in the body are effected. These include,but are not limited to stress reduction, the improvement of nerve function and circulation, which in turn, increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to all parts of the body and aid in the elimination of toxins and waste products. On a structural level, gentle manipulation of the tissues around the numerous joints of the feet/ankles and hands/wrists encourages release of holding patterns and enables greater ease and range of movement in these joints. This, in turn, can affect the alignment of the entire body.

Though more research is needed, many reflexologists believe that communication between the reflex points of the extremities and the rest of the body happens by way of electrical impulses via the nervous system and/or connective tissues that run throughout the body.

The relaxation benefits of reflexology are often immediately noticeable. Additionally, it is not unusual for an individual to experience lasting results and relief from the aches and pains of more superficial, less engrained conditions.

Acute and/or chronic conditions tend to be the result of stress patterns built up over a period of time. Additional sessions may be needed, providing the body with the time it needs for breaking down accumulated layers of stress. Also, old injuries or even illnesses (e.g. colds) may re-surface as part of the healing process. It is recommended that one give the body the time and attention it needs to heal.

Please discuss your goals, intentions and questions with your reflexologist, who will gladly explain your options. Relax and enjoy!